Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend - 2022 Shopify Recap

Well, that’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend over for another year! Merchants and retailers around the world prepare weeks and months in advance for the event, and it’s all over in what feels like a flash. 

While the dust is settling on this year’s BFCM, we’re taking a quick look at some of the impressive statistics and figures coming out of the Shopify ecosystem. We’ll also look at what you can do now that BFCM is over, so you can carry the momentum forward through to the new year.

Another record Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Shopify merchants 

Let’s start with the big, impressive figure everyone wants to know - total sales globally across Shopify.

Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, Shopify merchants around the world totalled over $7.5 billion in sales. That represents a 19% increase from 2021. This is especially impressive when you consider that in 2019 sales sat at around $2.9 billion. 

With so many orders and checkouts flying around over the weekend, all eyes were on the Shopify BFCM live map to see the total sales per minute. 

The peak sales per minute was reached at 12:01pm EST on November 25th - $3.5 million

And the number of customers who shopped over BFCM?

52 million customers around the world chose to shop with an independent Shopify business over the Black Friday weekend. 

This demonstrates the continued growth and anticipation among customers for Black Friday weekend. Recently customers around the world have been impacted by the effects of inflation and the rise in the cost of living, which may account for some of these higher sales. Aside from that, it also clearly proves that despite concerns around the sustainability of ecommerce growth, online shopping is very much here to stay.

We also learned more about who is shopping over BFCM through Shopify. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top countries for sales were the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada. And the top cities were London, New York, and Los Angeles. Cross-border commerce was truly alive and well, with 15% of all orders placed over BFCM being sent between countries.

As for which device customers most commonly used, mobile came out on top once again with 73% of orders being placed on mobile devices. 

And to finish things off, let’s check how many orders were processed through our app, Order Lookup, over the weekend.

The number of orders tracked through Order Lookup over BFCM totalled 2,086,593! 

What to do now that BFCM is over

With BFCM over, the work isn’t done just yet. The holiday season has already started, but there are still some things you should do now to continue the success through. 

  • Communicate any delays in dispatch to customers who placed orders over BFCM.
  • Consider extending some of your more successful BFCM promotions to customers who fall into your browse and cart abandonment workflows over the weekend. 
  • Get ahead of shipping deadlines and let customers know across all channels.
  • Start promoting any digital gifts you plan to offer, e.g. gift cards, so customers have these ideas in mind throughout the season.
  • Start thinking about your returns strategy for the new year. 

Once the holidays are over, you can start to dig into your BFCM data as well as kick off any retention strategies to set yourself up for success in 2023.


As the curtains close on Black Friday weekend for another year, Shopify merchants around the world can be proud that they’ve once again smashed records. BFCM often sets the tone for the remainder of the year, and this year we’re left with a very positive outlook on the holiday season.