Founded in 2010 by Shopify Experts, venntov are the creators of SEO Manager and Order Lookup. Over the past 8 years they have helped over 70,000 merchants grow their businesses. Having literally written the book on Shopify SEO, they have spoken all over the world about SEO, lean app development, and commerce.



Our logo
Our Glyph

Use it only when and where space is limited.


Please use the main logo as default, and only use the glyph when space is limited

Monotone Logos

Please use our full color logo whenever possible


When can I use the monotone logos?

  • When color is not an option or is too expensive to print
  • Embroidered labels on apparel (branded merch)
  • On top of busy photography when the full color logo doesn’t make sense
  • When there are many logos laid out next to one another, and a clean monotone look is in keeping with the design aesthetic
Spacing Rules

Our logo works best it has some time to shine. Follow these simple rules to ensure this happens.


Digital:  Our logo shouldn’t be smaller than 100px in width.

Print:  Printed, our logo shouldn’t be smaller than 0.75" in width.


Best Practices Here’s a few examples of what we should absolutely avoid when using the logo.

  • Don’t use the wordmark alone
  • Don't stretch or squeeze it
  • Don’t rotate it
  • Don’t use busy backgrounds
  • Don’t use against low-contrast
  • Don’t use gradients or shadows
  • Don’t stack the logo
  • Don’t create your own version


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