Clockedin 2.0: Why we rebuilt our clocking in tool for Shopify

Today, we're delighted to announce the launch of version 2.0 of our time management app, Clockedin.

Shopify POS is a fantastic segment of the Shopify ecosystem. It's modernizing and streamlining the commerce experience for merchants and customers by bringing in-person and digital commerce together. Venntov strives to empower entrepreneurs across all sales channels. Building Clockedin for Shopify POS is another step in our mission to help entrepreneurs be as successful as possible with the least amount of friction.

- Josh Highland, Co-founder and CEO

Why we rebuilt Clockedin

Before the pandemic, digital-first ecommerce brands had started exploring experiential, in-person retail. From pop-ups, in-person experiences, and even brick-and-mortar locations. However, as this expansion from digital to reality grew, there wasn't a native time clock system for Shopify POS these brands could use to manage their team's time.

Rather than move to a third-party system, we created Clockedin for Shopify. This allowed brands to use Shopify POS for in-person retail ventures and keep all their commerce neatly within Shopify Admin.

When the pandemic started, all the businesses that had begun exploring in-person retail moved back to digital-first and online-exclusive commerce. In fact, many brands that had solid foundations in brick-and-mortar and online stores moved to online-only commerce. Due to this shift, we decided we would have the most significant impact on helping merchants be successful by meeting them where they were - online.

We focussed on SEO Manager and Order Lookup to deliver the best experience possible for our merchants. This led us to develop some fantastic new features and functionality that helped a lot of merchants see success by improving their SEO and customer experience.

As we move into a post-pandemic world, we're seeing merchants start to make that leap back into in-person retail. With that, we've seen the demand for Clockedin to be more robust and full-featured become apparent.

We've spent months rebuilding, reworking, and reimagining Clockedin from the ground up. From reviewing feedback to examining individual features and exploring the needs of our merchants as they navigate in-person retail. In releasing V2, we've added amazing new features and made Clockedin quicker and easier than ever for the merchant and, more importantly, the team members who interact with it daily.

So, what can Clockedin 2.0 do?

What started as an easy time clock solution for Shopify POS has become so much more in V2. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits you’ll have access to with Clockedin 2.0:

  • Easy clocking in/out system for team members. 
  • Simple scheduling tools - visualize shift patterns and weekly schedules.
  • Communication tools - send weekly schedules via email directly to team members.
  • View and forecast labor costs 
  • Easily scalable - whether it’s 10 or 100 team members, for any type of business.
  • Simple team management - add and manage team members quickly, manage access levels, and assign custom pin codes.

Quick clocking in process

The actual process of clocking in and out should be fast and effortless for team members even if it’s their first day on the job. Clockedin allows team members to clock in and out within a matter of seconds from a Shopify POS device, allowing them to get back to doing what they do best in your business. 

ClockedIn - Clocking in app for Shopify home screen

Easy team member communication

Clockedin 2.0 makes it simple to communicate with your team about upcoming schedules. These can be automatically sent from within the app to all team members, or you can send the master schedule to specific email addresses. 

ClockedIn - Clocking in app for Shopify - Email communication example

Efficient, clear scheduling 

The scheduling dashboard makes it clear to see who’s working and when, along with other reporting metrics that you may find useful. You can see how many shifts are scheduled, the total cost, and even hours tracked. Adding new shifts is quick and easy, with a simple select and drag tool. 

ClockedIn - Clocking in app for Shopify - Home dashboard

Visualize and forecast labor costs

With ClockedIn, you can see exactly how much is being spent on labor in a given time period. You can view the total cost, as well as a breakdown of how much each staff member is due to be paid for their shifts that week. With the ability to view past time periods, you can more accurately forecast required shift patterns and outgoings for busier periods and save money during quiet periods. 

ClockedIn - Clocking in app for Shopify - Labor cost visualization
ClockedIn - Clocking in app for Shopify

Scaleable for any size and any type of business

Whether you have a team of 10 or 100, Clockedin can support as many team members as you choose to add. Its simple and scalable platform can also be used to manage a range of different businesses from coffee shops, to pop-up stores, to warehouses. Whatever scheduling your business needs, wherever you need it. 

The team at Venntov are proud to relaunch ClockedIn, offering an app that does more for our merchants as they return to in-person retail. We hope to welcome new users on-board to make the most of our new-and-improved features, and that long-time users will see even more benefit from the app. 

Click here for ClockedIn’s Shopify App Store listing.