SEO Manager 4.0: The next level of SEO on Shopify

It’s a big day here at Venntov - we’re launching SEO Manager 4.0! For the past year, our team has been working hard behind the scenes to completely rethink the app so that it better reflects what you, our merchants, need for your SEO strategy. We want to make it even easier for you to achieve your goals, and make the most of SEO on Shopify. 

With that in mind, we’ve developed some exciting new features as well as reworking how we approach pricing.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s new with SEO Manager 4.0.

New Tiered Pricing for SEO Manager

For the first time since we launched SEO Manager, we’re introducing a tiered pricing structure. This will also introduce a brand new Free plan, making it even easier for more merchants to access the tools they need to improve their store’s SEO. With the distinction between Free, Standard, and Pro, merchants will be able to choose the right plan and features for their SEO strategy. 

All users who are currently using SEO Manager will be moved onto our Legacy plan. You’ll still pay the same as you always have, and have access to the features previously available on the old Standard plan. However if you want access to new features exclusive to the Pro tier, you’ll need to consider an upgrade.


Cost - $0 per month

Features - As the name suggests, there is no monthly fee to use this tier. This tier includes a range of features like SEO optimization for products and blog posts, SEO monitoring and scoring, structured data testing, and more.


Cost - $29 per month

Features - This tier includes all the same features as the Free tier plus some very helpful extras. That includes enhanced reporting, advanced meta tag control, Google Trend reporting, automated SEO and more.


Cost - $59 per month

Features - Our top pricing tier includes all the features of Essential and Free, as well as some highly useful advanced features. These include AI-powered content generation, enhanced automated SEO, advanced broken link management, HTML sitemaps, and advanced Google integrations. 

Click here to learn more about our new pricing tiers.

4 new features now available through SEO Manager

And with new pricing tiers, we’ve got some exciting new features. We’ve got a pretty big feature to showcase, but let’s start with the following:

#1 - Breadcrumb structured data

Google recently updated to show breadcrumbs in search results instead of the URL in some cases. So you can make the most of this and stay on trend, SEO Manager now offers structured data support for breadcrumbs. Breadcrumb structured data helps Google understand the structure of your site, improving your search results and therefore improving click through rate from search. 

#2 - Variant condition and availability

This new feature allows you to get into the finer details of your product and provide more information for both search engines and customers. You can now control the condition and availability of products, right from the product editing page in Shopify. The condition can be set to new, used, refurbished, or damaged - this is especially helpful if you offer second hand products on your store. As for availability, you can set if it’s discontinued, out of stock, on presale, or more. If it’s available, this can be detected automatically.

#3 - Broken Link Details and Enhanced Tools

Broken link management can become a huge problem very quickly, especially if you’ve got a large catalog and a lot of resources on your site. SEO Manager already previously offered some useful broken link management tools, and 4.0 takes it a step further. Through SEO Manager, you can now discover the source of a broken link including the most recent visit time. SEO Manager can now also provide suggestions for broken links to speed up the management process.

#4 - HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemaps are a highly useful tool for improving the navigation of your store and telling Google and other search engines more about how your store is put together. Professional plan users can now generate an HTML sitemap through SEO Manager, making this process quicker, easier, and more efficient than ever in helping your SEO. 

New AI tools for Professional plan merchants

And that big feature? Our new AI content assistant for meta titles and descriptions. This is something we’re really excited about, as it will make things easier and faster for merchants by leveraging the power of AI. 

The new AI content assistant can be used to automatically generate content for page titles and meta descriptions - when combined with automated SEO this is a real power tool. The assistant can generate suggestions, as well help with keywords. You can even fine tune the content by selecting the tone you want and providing input. 

The addition of AI to SEO Manager’s tools is the next step in its evolution to providing the best SEO tools to Shopify merchants. 

Click here to learn more about SEO Manager’s new AI content assistant.


We can’t wait to see what our merchants do with these new features. We also are looking forward to seeing what new merchants decide to come on board, making the most of the new pricing structure to find the plan that works best for their store.

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